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3D Animation Services

3D Animation Services

Bringing characters to life may not be as easy as it appears. With proper training and practice creating graphics and animation will be possible.

Some of the 3D movies were actually created over a two year period.  3D animation can be created with animation software and computers.

In 1895 Georges Melies  of  France is credited with making the first animated film although by sheer accident.   He was filming a bus driving by when his camera broke down.  After getting the camera fixed a hearse drove by and he restarted filming and  the end result was a bus was transformed into  a hearse.

3D Animation Services

3D Animation Services

3D Graphics and Animation Services

There are two categories of 3D graphics and 3D animation. Photorealistic and non-photorealistic.   Creating the human face, the facial features is  highly challenging and  complex.   This is known as “the holy grails’ of animation services.  Perhaps it is a psychological response to looking at an almost  perfect image of the human body.  Eventually when watching a movie it could be impossible to determine if it is a computer generated scene or a created one.  Presently total human realism is not here yet but likely will be the in the near future.

 3D Animation Services Categories


It does  require  sophisticated mathematics  to produce  animations.  A graphical interface is used to create the animation and arrange the choreography.  Traditional animation services were photographs of drawing and were drawn on paper.  They were painted in various colors opposite from the line drawings and photographed one by one onto film against a painted background.

Colleges and universities  offer courses in 3D graphics services and 3D animation services.  These courses would offer 2d and 3d animation, editing and visual effects.   Job opportunities  are readily available and firms are seeking people who have good understanding of 3Dd animations.  Prior   to the graphics services study it would be vital to have a background in programs such as Adobe Photoshop and other related software.


 3D Animation Services Industry

3D graphics and animation services is a growth industry and today it is no doubt the tip of the iceberg.  A person just out of college and trained in this specialized industry is projected to earn six figure income in the near future.

3D movies are transporting the viewer into the wondrous world of three dimensions and likely it is here to stay.  The future of 3D animation services and 3D graphic services has just begun.  You will become your own avatar in this new virtual world.

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