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3D Building

3D Building – What is it?

3D Building Modeling is the process of editing and generating detailed three dimensional building models. This process is vital for accurate in-building radio network planning and optimisation. 3D building models are not only used for network designing and visualization, but also to be used by the 3D propagation models for system performance predictions. For these purposes, both the building infrastructure and materials have to be defined as much detailed as possible. However, it is time-consuming to obtain such well defined building models, in particular for radio network designers, who are not skilled in construct engineering. Therefore, software aided 3D building modeling methods are keen by the radio network designers. iBuildNet can achieve such functions. In this world leading in-building radio network planning tool suite, 3D buildings can be modeled by various methods, including importing from two dimensional floor plans (like AutoCAD files), free style drawing in 2D mode and importing from other 3D building models.


3D Building Techniques

We are using the following software for building 3d models:

  • 3D Studio Max 2012 – 3d building
  • Auto Cad 2012 – 3d building floor plans

3D Building – newest updates

The result is available in many file formats, including Maya, 3ds, Max, Lightwave, Softimage, Blender, OBJ and more.


What is 3-D Projection Mapping?

3-D projection mapping, according to Wikipedia, “is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane,” which is a quick way of saying it’s too complicated for your little mind to grasp. But basically they input information about the surface upon which they’re projecting and detail an animation around it using three-dimensional effects like shadowing, foreshortening and Y-axis movement. Using the technique, it’s possible to match the video to the building and animate whatever surreal, unique or catastrophic event you want to befall it


More information about the 3D building service which we offer:

3D Building – 3D Data:


  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • 3D Building Objects
  • 3D PhotoTextures
  • Pre built 3D terrain models


3D Software:

  • MyVR
  • Virtual Outlooks
  • MultiVision™

3D Services:

  • 3D Data Creation
  • 3D Model Assembly
  • 3/4D Animations
  • 3D Data Hosting




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