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3D Floor Plan

What are 3D floor plans?

A three-dimensional floor plan or a 3D floor plan is a floor plan that has been elevated from a two-dimensional (2D AutoCAD) floor plan, to a 3D model of an apartment or house, but without the view of the ceiling.

These types of floor plans offer a great alternative to a conventional 2D flat architectural floor plan, which can be extremely confusing for the untrained eye.


How are 3D floor plans made?

Starting from the architectural floor plan usually designed in Auto CAD or drafted by hand, the building is modeled in three-dimensions. This will include the windows and doors illustrating the location of openings.

After the 3D model of the house, apartment or building is completed the furniture will be incorporated from our library or custom build depending on requirements and then textured to achieve a photo realistic final image.


Who uses 3D floor plans?

Because of their great versatility the 3D floor plans are used by a number of professionals from architects to developers and real estate agents.

Since creating 3D floor plans requires less work than full architectural visualizations the price will be reflected accordingly.

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