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Architectural Visualization

What is 3D architectural visualization & rendering?

Architectural design, architectural visualization or architectural rendering is an art that involves the understanding of three-dimensional spaces (3D design)  and the technical attributes of a proposed architectural 3d design.
Architectural visualizations are three dimensional drawings that resemble a realistic view of either the interior or exterior of a building. Architectural visualizations show how the finished product is expected to look in the form of a 3d design image or animation.

By fusing the architectural plans with the art of 3D software, we can build accurate scale models of all sizes to produce photo realistic visualization renderings in the form of animation or stills.

How does 3D architectural visualization work?

Since we believe that the scaling of your model and 3d design is critical we use architectural design rendering software to reference the drawings to the pinpoint. By using the architect’s floor plans in either electronic or paper based format, we convert them into a 3D wire frame model.

[pk_image image="http://www.be-id.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/3D-architectural-visualisation-conversion.jpg" title="3D Visualisation" w="678" image_style="custom" h="223" align="none" icon="zoom" action="lightbox" link="" link_target="_self" lightbox_gallery_id=""]

After the wire frame is complete in Auto CAD (CAD software), the model or floor plan is moved in to three-dimensional (3D) design software where the design comes alive, using textures and lighting.

By using industry’s most used and acclaimed 3D rendering engine, we are pushing the boundaries of architectural rendering & 3D visualization by replicating the behavioral characteristics of real world light and materials for your architectural or animation project.

The benefit of architectural visualization renderings is to help you view the space before the construction process begins. By letting us help you with visualizing the space before you apply any changes, not only lowers cost dramatically, but also saves you time because renderings are faster and more cost effective. With 3d renderings you can try different configurations – 3d renderings, instead of investing in construction and realizing at the end that the result is not what you expected initially. The architectural renderings can be done using anything from hand drawings, AutoCAD, or hard copies. All we need is accurate dimensions.

How do I get an 3D design architectural visualization rendering?

1. Gather all drawings, plans, elevations, site plans and texture information

2. Decide on the number of 3d images that you require. Mark approximate viewpoint positions on the site plan

3. Contact us by email: be.designinteriors@gmail.com or call us: (312) 213-5460

4. Send us drawings for a tailored no-obligation quote

6. 3D Modeling or your space or model will begin. An advance image illustrating the 3d model of the building, space or model will be sent to the client for approval

7. Scene assets will be modeled.

8. Textures will be created and applied to the 3D model. Final scene adjustments and lighting will be defined. The client will receive the final image in low resolution format for approval. Any changes should be noted at this point and corrected.

9. High resolution, detailed images are rendered (3d design). Dependent upon the project these shall be sent to the client or be used to create other marketing material you may need such as brochure, presentation boards or signage at additional cost.


The 3D design or visualization software that we use takes design beyond hand-drawn sketches, by allowing you to study your design in any lighting condition (using V-Ray rendering engine) from any point of view. Not only that, but 3D Studio Max allows you to apply any texture, color, and lighting schemes to get a photo-realistic 3d rendering view of the 3d design and make better decisions as your project progresses.





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