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CAD Services

CAD Services

CAD services information

It is important that before you start outsourcing or hiring any kind of CAD services, we define exactly what do we need and what we don’t need as depending on that the final decision can be a big success or just a mistake, according to that also the cost of the CAD services hired will be very different.

When you pay for CAD services, you need to understand in what you are investing in, at the end of the day you spend quite a lot of money, you have to be ready to receive a bill that is higher than what you will pay for a pattern made by hand, it´s quite obvious that it’s more expensive to run a CAD system.

You have to take into consideration that if your volumes are low it’s not affordable for once if you have less than 300 units per style, it may not be affordable, so it’s better to be sure of the price before to give the go ahead, make sure to ask what are the terms and the conditions.

Take in consideration that usually the shipping and handling costs, pattern changes, maker width changes or additional markers.

CAD Services

CAD Services

Cad Services Benefits

It’s important to have a clear idea of the benefits of the CAD services, comes from the accuracy and efficiency of a computer.

It’s important to consider what kind of information we need to give to the contractor before hiring CAD services; the main idea is the more information the better, the contractors will assist on that, they should let us now, the required information, depending on the contractor the list of specifications that they will need will be different in each case.

CAD Services Specs

The specs that you need to give them can differ depending on the contractor but also on the size of the project, and the needs that you have. That’s why it´s so important to have clear what do we want from the project, what kind of outcomes and what kind of CAD services.

In order to decide the best contractor is important to take in consideration as well the software use, as depending on the software the specs that we require can be meet in a better way or in a more difficult way, in some cases depending on the software that are offered in the CAD services the specs can´t be meet.

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